i'm visiting mtharris.com because...
...i don't like my website   =( (click)

" Like my _________, my website doesn't have the pizazz it used to. It's old and outdated and I'm embarrassed to know that other people are looking at it. " - you.

get a makeover

Bring your site up to 2011 with a new layout, graphics and colors that make you stand out and say 'here i am'. Call or email for a free consultation.

already know an outstanding artist? bring the design to me and we'll lovingly wrap your content around it.

...my website doesn't do what i need it to do   =| (click)

" I need to update the ________ part of my website constantly, but my _________ doesn't respond to my emails or doesn't make the changes fast enough. I want to make the changes myself! " - you.

cut out the middleman

with a content management system (CMS) you can edit your own content (or make someone else in slapping distance) at any time. from a ready made CMS to a quick sprinkling of custom code, it can finally be accessible to you.

want to pull in a twitter feed, facebook posts or something else into your site? feeling sociable? send me an email or give me a call and put the power of you into your site. yep, even e-commerce.

...i want my site to be found!   =p (click)

" You have no idea how much ______ and ______ i've spent trying to get my site to show up on google. What the ________ is going on!?? " - you.

your doing it wrong

i've worked for two ivy league universities and a large tv station as a web guru and believe it or not, they didn't know anything about search engine optimization either. i do. and you can benefit. call or email and we'll get you headed in the upward direction right away.